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Monday, 14 February 2011

My award

Bev has kindly nominated me for this award.......In return Ive to thank the person who nominated me So a Big Thanks to Bev.....nominate 8 people whose blogs I read regularly...Tell eight things about me..........oh ah...

Here are my eight nominations sound abit like the Oscars lol :0)
1.Nikky from Rubber therapy
2.Jackie from A Day in the Life of
3.Shell from Camels Hump
4.Louise from Lou-natic Asylum
5.Kim from Cards and Cats
6. Cally from Bits &.Pieces
7.Mina from Pinkpuds.
8.Marjies verses

Here is the 8 things about me...........
1. Ive been married 50 years

2.Lived in 18 houses.flats .bungalows been in this bungalow for 16 years.

3.Gardening is my second hobby I do the flowers and hubby does the veg.

4.3 Gorgeous Granddaughters one in her final year to be a childrens nurse at
N/Cle Uni the second one works in Head office for D. Bannatynes loves using the Gym as is very sporty and still plays football for a ladies team The youngest has just started secondary school last year...

5.Favourite colour is BLUE.

6.Dont drive wish I did started to learn didnt pass first test and got made redundant so couldnt afford to continue and never went back to it.

7.Love Meercats have loads in the garden with solor lights am always putting scarfs or pipe cleaners around their necks...Sad or what...

8.Hope to live long enough to become a Great Grandma..

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Cally said...

Thank you for my award Myra.