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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Youngest granddaughters birthday card.

I was asking my youngest granddaughter what she wants for christmas and she said well Im into purple and sparkly ..well ive still not a clue for christmas but this is the birthday card ive done for her 13th.
I used one of b wendys lounge girls and the alphabet from Granny enchanted digital lots of glitter paper and the MS floral punch.. and of course some wild orchid flowers. Think this should fit the bill do you?


Anonymous said...

A fab card Myra.
She will love it.

Sian xx

Sue said...

Its a lovely card Myra,I am sure she will love it.
Sue x

Mina said...

I wouldnt have a clue either Myra lol...thats why I usually stick to gift cards for the kids in our family of that age, that way they get to shop in the sales...I love this card and Emma will love it to bits too...fab colour for her
Mina xxx