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Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Cheer Up Card

Made this card for Louise as she is in hospital at the moment and Hopefully it will help cheer her up:0) Hopefully she wont see this till she gets the card... Ive another to make for another friend who is nt well


Greta said...

Very pretty Myra. I'm sure she'll love it. x

Bev said...

Its fabulous Myra - love the monotone theme x

Sylvia said...

Louise will love it Myra......its beautiful....xx

Sylvia xxx

Louise Emma said...

It certainly cheered me up Myra and I love it x Many thanks xxx Will look forward to catching up with your blog properly when I get home again as I am running outta time to get everything done ready for tomorrow!

Chris (Wellnifty) said...

It's lovely Myra,

Chris x

Norma said...

Wow Myra i love this one, love the blk and white.
Is the card from a template ?

Norma x