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Saturday, 9 May 2009

Why do we do it?

I have just got a black bag full of bits of card and odds and ends that Id never use
in my card making now why do we keep these bits? :00)

I ve bought 2 plastic sets of 4 drawers today to try and tidy my card making stuff up
you dont realise what you have do you?

Ive just to sort the made cards out now to go in the next Charity Bag............

I shouldnt realy of been doing it I suppose as Ive an infected elbow through a knock and am on penicillian for it...but hubby was getting card fever lol :0) so thought Id better do something....... Hope you are more organised than me lol :00)


Chris (Wellnifty) said...

Agree with you Myra, I wonder why we keep so many bits of takes ages to sort out.

Hope your elbow is not too painful and is getting better.

Chris x

Sylvia said...

Hi Myra, doing my chatch up....

I do the same, I sort things out and find I have loads of cut off card in my file I keep...
And when I need to cut a small piece of card.....I use a new sheet instead of going into my cut off file...I then end up with more and more cut off pieces....but I must admit I won't throw them away your elbow is a lot better today xxx

Sylvia xxx