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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Card for sisters grandson

My sister wanted a card for one of her grandsons so I thought it was time to get The Big One out found this car and as all blokes like cars heres what I did. i embossed it with the waterfall which I always think can look like either rain or snow.Used the MS Happy Birthday punch which I backed with silver card Added a couple of shaped cut outs with stars and then the golf car.Finally added a black lace down the side twisted. Cant say Im a fan of mens cards unless theyve a hobby but think this will do the trick......


Shirley said...

I think men's cards are a nightmare to do but you've done a great job here Myra - I'm sure he'll love it.

Anonymous said...

I cannot agree more on how hard the manly cards are to make and I second Shirley's comment on how beautiful your card is and how I am sure he will love his card